Auot Inspection process

This is for those of you who live in NJ and submit their daily driver, if you have one, to the draconian NJ motor vehicle inspection process.

Ever had any problems passing the inspection for emissions testing? I've failed twice (2nd time was half hour ago) now for excessive CO%,......the reading on my car is at 8.90 and the standard for all cars is 7.00. I've leaned it out previously after the first failure so it SOUNDS to me like the carb is still running a little bit too rich and I'll need to lean it out even further. Part of this is that I'd like to hear other stories, if any, and how you got it straight and Part of this is just me ranting as the "professional" attendants were not very "professional" in the manner of handling my car, WHICH really pissed me off.:rant5::rant5::rant5::rant5::