’57 Imperial LeBaron

I figured that I might as well move the current photo's here since I'll want to add more and the welcome area doesn't really seem like the place to do it on a weekly/monthly basis as this would be...

My dad bought, brand new, a '57 Imperial as his first car.
Robin blue, black top, red floor

Stopped running when I was maybe 5. Sat ever since. (still does)

~5 years ago, or ~35 years later, he bought another '57 that he decided to have restored to the same color combo as his original. Catch was, he wanted nothing taken off from his original car.
Finding parts wasn't easy but it is getting close to complete now.
(it's my understading, without being direct, there is some sentimental value on his original car that he didn't want it laying in pieces and tossed aside)