452s or rework the 906 heads? I need an opinion(s)

Abigail, my '68 Fury 383 just turned 00,000.00 for the first time and runs borderline perfect! I'm the second owner and the car only traveled about 1,000 miles in the ten years before I got it.
The original 383 has never been apart for anything (I have every service receipt since June '68), doesn't leak although, she used to smoke a little while using compression coming down a hill and I have only had to add 1 quart of oil in the 5,000 miles that I have driven her. I was told that the umbrella seals for the valves were probably going bad and I should just drive it and it may get better. It did get better although, not perfect and she'll smoke a bit at start up but, not always.

The other issue is that my 906 heads wouldn't have 'hardened valve seats'.

I was searching Craigslist parts today, and there are a set of 452 heads complete with valves, springs rocker assy. etc. $150.

My question:
Would it be more cost effective to buy the 452 heads with the hardened valve seats and have them re-worked and install them on Abigail?

Or: Have my 906s fixed? Is it a big deal to install 'hardened valve seats'?

When the time comes, I'm going to change the timing chain and nylon sprocket to a steel unit I also have a '68 factory 4bbl intake, AVS carb and a set of C-body HP exhaust manifolds to also install.

I will save all of the original stuff.....

It's my understanding that the 452s flow almost as well as the 906s and Abigail is a cruiser! lol
Author: Silverick