225 Slant Six Fan Belt and Manifold Gasket

Hey All,
The next TWO problems that need fixing on Lorrie Van Haul's mighty 225 Slant Six Engine is the Fan Belt and Pulleys, and the Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gasket.

Lorrie Van Haul is a 1967 Dodge P200 Postal Van.

Her Engine was running today in preparation for adjusting her NEW Bendix Stromberg Model W Carburetor, and in the process, she proceeded to shred her Fan Belt into a thin coating of rubber dust which she deposited on the pavement between her front Wheels.

Upon closer inspection, it was ascertained that it MAY be that the Alternator Pulley groove is not aligned with the Damper and Cooling Fan Pulley Grooves.

Am going to remove the Radiator tomorrow morning to gain unfettered access to these units to see what is wrong with them that made them shred and shed Lorrie's V-Belt this morning.

The V-Belt that was on Lorrie this morning was a Premium Top Cord 401-7405 15405, made in Korea!

There are on hand here three Fan Belts. A Goodyear 13410, a DriveRite 44515, and a Gates XL 7410. They all are of a size similar to what was left of Lorrie's V-Belt, but I have not the slightest idea if these Belts will work and have even less idea what the numbers mean.

Have done a search, but none of the technical articles that were found have any reference to the 225 Slant Six Engine.

Would anyone here be able to shed some light on this subject?

Also, on the subject of the Intake/Exhaust Manifold Gaskets.

The other vehicle here is a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500, with a 390 FE P-Code (Police Interceptor) Engine. It has Cast Iron Shorty Headers, and they do not use Manifold Gaskets.

From what can be made out, there IS a thin Gasket between Lorrie's Intake/Exhaust Manifold and the Head of the Engine, but there are terrible leaks that can be felt puffing out from between the Manifolds and the Head.

While the Radiator is out tomorrow, it would probably be just as well to go ahead and replace the Manifold Gasket since access to the Front Nuts would be available.

There is a NAPA, an AutoZone, and an O'Reilly's Auto Part Stores in the next town East of here. Would have to get the Gasket from one of them.

Does anyone have a recommendation as to what should be asked for other than the Gasket must fit a 225 Slant Six Engine? Like maybe there is an "ideal" Gasket for this application?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Author: JCAllison