2012 Master Golf Tournament Champ is into Mopars

You know, there are a lot of "can you believe that?"s in sports, but the idea of a man named Bubba buying the iconic car from the most Southern TV series in history isn't exactly a shocker, you know?
Presenting 2012 Masters Tournament Champion Bubba Watson and his relatively new car:

Bubba Watson (left) and General Lee. / Via @bubbawatson

Watson was at the famed Barrett-Jackson automobile auction in January 2011, and picked up that gem there, which he called his "dream car," for $110,000. Of all the General Lees that have been done, Bubba's is special; called "Lee 1," it's the one that jumped the police car in "The Dukes of Hazzard" TV series' opening credits. It was totaled in the jump, but restoration brought it back to life over the course of 16 months.
So, even pro golfers have good taste in Mopar muscle - can't say the same for what some of them wear on the golf course.

I wonder if he showed up at Augusta National with his clubs in the trunk of the General Lee. That would have caused a stir with all the "good ol' boy" members.
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