2008 Dodge Durango Help!! Who owns one?

I need your help ladies and gentlemen! We are looking at buying a used 2008 Dodge Durango for my wife to drive. I want a Hemi one but we can't find any used ones, but there are plenty of 4.7 V-8 ones, most have the "Flex-Fuel" option on them. Are these engines any good? I would like to do some light towing with it, at the most my 1966 Valiant on a car trailer, otherwise, this will be used as a daily commuter for my wife. Is the 4.7 engine able to meet my needs? I am not too worried about fuel mileage, just the towing and reliability. We found several nice used 08 models with 18,000-25,000 miles on them for around $15,000, pretty decent I think. Thanks for your help!! :toothy10:
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