1966 Barracuda Detroit Show Car Prototype Custom Concept?

1966 Barracuda concept? Anyone remember this car or know where it is now? I seen it in a photo taken in 1966 at the Detroit or Chicago auto show, I also posted some pics of it, looks like someone got ahold of it and restored it but I have only seen these few pics. Is it a custom, factory concept? The car is very cool, it has the rear wheels in the quarter panels opened up, turn signals or driving lights in the grilles (possibly 65 units?), front bumper has no signal cutouts, the front grille is solid with the strips running down it. It also has cool/knockoff spinner mag wheels and a clear bubble on the hood to see the engine, also some other body mods. What engine does it have? Anyone have any other pictures of this cool ride? I seen an old black and white photo from the 66 auto show on ebay once too but not much else. Thanks! :toothy10:

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